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LiveO2 EWOT & Adaptive Contrast Training

EWOT (pronounced E-wät) or exercise with oxygen therapy, or oxygen multistep therapy,  has been in use for over 90 years, consisting of a person wearing a mask and breathing oxygen-rich air in order to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma. If done correctly, EWOT can produce many desired effects in as little as 15 minutes a few times a week.

EWOT VS. LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast

Our LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast Training is the exciting next generation of EWOT technology– achieving health benefits not attainable with traditional EWOT systems. Adaptive contrast, or altitude training, consists of strategically switching between oxygen rich air, and then air with lower O2 levels similar to altitude of approximately 10,000 feet. The patient exercises on a stationary bike while blood oxygen levels and heart rate are monitored. The patient is then led through a training protocol based on physiologic outcome desired.

LiveO2™ and LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ deliver oxygen flow rates that meet or exceed the researched levels required to reach a therapeutic result in 15 minutes.

LiveO2 and LiveO2 Adaptive Contras work faster and better than EWOT because they achieve higher oxygen concentrations. More oxygen lets your body heal more and recover faster. That’s why we are more efficient.

Why Use LiveO2?

Users of our system typically report:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved memory
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Beneficial support for other underlying health conditions
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved athletic performance and recovery

A wonderful feature of Adaptive Contrast Training is that the training protocols are tailored to appropriately match every level of cardiovascular fitness and physical ability.

Stated differently, the intended effect and mechanism of LiveO2 is simply to improve the effects of exercise:

  • Oxygenation of the blood and plasma
  • Better circulation by expanding constricted capillaries
  • Reduced inflammation through better blood flow of the microvascular tree
  • Improved physical performance
  • Optimize endurance training. The low-oxygen selection enables a user to increase the functional intensity of exercise by a simulated altitude. This is equivalent to well established hypoxic training systems.
  • Optimize strength training. The high-oxygen selection enables a user exert at elevated intensity enabled by rich oxygen mixture.
  • Accelerate training effects. Post sprint recovery with rich oxygen enables users quickly recover from sprints for rapid-fire training which produces more results in less time.
  • … and more after just one 15 minute session!

Exercise is well understood and accepted to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to a tissue. Increased oxygen from exercise is well documented to optimize energetic performance of tissue – which normally have a beneficial effect to optimize cellular energy production.

The energetic performance of tissue indirectly governs health as resistance to disease and healing.

LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast includes different training protocols depending on the desired outcome:


This application of the LiveO2 system targets metabolic waste in tissues. It re-establishes oxygen levels to problematic areas which tend to be degenerate, sore and disease prone. It boosts whole body oxygen enough to facilitate healing and recovery, but usually not enough to provoke an immune rally response.

This protocol facilitates healing by super-saturating all body tissues, plasma and lymph with very high levels of oxygen. This is intended for individuals capable of low/moderate levels of exercise.  A typical response consists of improved sense of well being, reduced joint soreness, feeling calmer with improved sleep. These results typically last s 2–5 days. Moderate neurological improvement is typically noted as well.


This protocol establishes simultaneous maximum of blood flow and oxygen blood concentration to the brain enable healing and optimize function. This is to be used anytime maximum neurological or cognitive performance is necessary. This methodology optimizes physical and mental performance. Usually results in measurable improvement in cognitive function, executive function, mood and motor control. Objective cognitive outcomes are measured by administering baseline cognitive testing prior to beginning this training and then repeated later during the program.

Other Applications of LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast:

Fatigue Care

Supportive care for a wide range of health conditions

Improved body Awareness