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Posted on: July 23rd, 2022

What is biohacking?

A bio hack is a shortcut,  a cheat. Generally speaking a biohack is not a quick fix. Most biohacks have to become habits get the long-term payoff general, a biohacker will evoke physiologic response shortly short term seems rather meaningless, however done consistently time beneficial physiologic change done for significant therapeutic outcome.




Biohack is a new habit or lifestyle change

You can think of a biohack similar to a backdoor approach to hacking a computer. Many biohacks effect an aspect of our well-being by modifying or altering another aspect of our well-being that may not seem related. For example, studies have shown that people suffering from anxiety or depression significantly benefit by getting up at a specific time regular time early in the morning. Studies have also validated that cold shower alters our brain chemistry beneficial way subsequently combining these two habits: getting up early in the morning followed with a cold shower will have a significant impact on your depression




An act of the will, becoming empowered:


One thing in common with all biohacks is intentionality. The person is willfully adding or changing something or a factor for a specific end result, for example improving sleep quality, losing weight, improving cardiovascular health, diminishing brain fog, improving concentration or memory, increasing energy just to name a few. Having a reasonable hope that you can improve something about your cells based on reasonable science is very empowering indeed. Because biohacking requires formation of a new habit and the changes are gradual, sometimes even imperceptible day-to-day, this requires motivation, discipline to do it and follow through, vision of the outcome you hope to achieve and reasonable expectations of what can be accomplished.


Discerning biohacking:

some biohacks have been around for the ages and some are cutting edge science and new discoveries. Some claims of biohacking are pure fraud and therefore all biohacking needs to be evaluated and I recommend the following criteria:

  • ONE. What is the purported end result of the biohack?
  • TWO. What is the mechanism of action? Is it grounded on science or legitimate research? How specific and detailed does the explanation of the mechanism of action yet. Be cautious if the mechanism of action of a bio hacking cannot go deeper than helping your quote energy, she, life force, or vital energy”. A legitimate bio hack will be able to be measured and explained on a cellular or molecular or measurable means from physics.
  • THREE. What is the cost? Is the fee reasonable for the outcome?
  • FOUR. What are the risks?
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